Diversity & Inclusion

At Design Build Search and the wider Vertical Markets Group we have worked hard to ensure that DE&I is built into the fabric of our business. We are hugely proud to have been awarded silver investors in diversity by the Irish Centre for Diversity.

Design Build Search is proud to support clients who have a focus on DE&I hiring strategies and internally, we are developing competence in this area through active partnerships and training.

DE&I at Design Build Search

For Design Build Search, DE&I is more than a metric, it is a practice. In years gone by, approximately a third of the professionals we placed have been women, considering only circa 10% of the Irish construction workforce are women, we are extremely proud of that. As well as this, for the last few years on average 50% of our placements have been international candidates.

We understand the value of bringing diverse talent, new thinking, and new perspectives into an organisation. We know that diversity has the power to spark creativity, innovation, and problem-solving skills that may not occur in a homogeneous workforce.

Diverse and Inclusive Recruitment Lifecycle


  • Define goals and intended outcomes
  • Undertake Market Analysis
  • Examine existing workplace policies, processes & hiring metrics
  • Identify any gaps in team knowledge and upskill accordingly

Source & Attract

  • Tailor your messaging – remove gender bias
  • Diversify sourcing channels
  • Review referral programs
  • Proactively reach out to underrepresented groups

Screen & Interview

  • Agree objective screening criteria
  • Use of technology assessments e.g. Codility
  • Use of personality assessments
  • Diverse interview panels
  • Blind Interviews
  • Implement both group

Select, Offer And Hire

  • Collect individual “fresh” feedback
  • Empower recruiters to offer constructive challenges
  • Ensure onboarding is supported by a diverse group

Transition & Measure

  • Measure candidate experience and make future adjustments
  • Monitor progress and impact of strategy

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