Contract Recruitment

At Design Build Search, we've got all your contractor needs covered. From short-term roles lasting just a few weeks to long-term projects, we've got the perfect match for your team.

Why DB search?

At Design Build Search we offer a variety of contractor solutions. Ranging from short-term to long-term contracts, we are experts at efficiently sourcing the most suitable professionals in the construction industry for your organisation.

As a dedicated Construction Recruitment agency, being compassionate as well as deeply committed to our clients is really important to us, it's what makes us stand out from the crowd.

We proudly consider ourselves as an extension of your brand, as our goal is to secure long-term hires to support your continuous business growth and expansion.

Why Partner with DB Search

We have a very senior team of highly skilled, construction qualified recruiters who all have a genuine passion for the construction industry.

Our recruiters have not only recruited for global roles but have experience in the construction recruitment industry abroad themselves and have since redirected the knowledge, experience and global network of contacts to our clients based both at home in Ireland and abroad.

Contracting Information

What’s the difference between between a day rate and a fixed term contract (FTC) as an jobseeker?

Day Rate Contractor:

As a day rate contractor, you have the option to contract with clients through your own limited company or by working under an umbrella limited company. The contract is established between your limited company (or umbrella company) and the client, with payment made directly from the client to your company. In this capacity, you function as a consultant rather than an employee, and you are not entitled to traditional employment benefits. You can charge for the hours or days you work and are responsible for your own coverage for sick days and holidays. Typically, day-rate contractors enjoy a higher net take-home pay than permanent employees, but there is also the possibility of transitioning to a permanent role.


Fixed Term Contract:

When engaged under a fixed-term contract, you are hired by a client for a specified duration, often to cover a specific absence or work on a project. The contractual arrangement is between the client and you, and you are directly compensated by the client. In this capacity, you may receive a benefits package, which may include a finishing bonus. Additionally, you are entitled to holiday and sick days. Similar to day rate contracting, there is potential for transitioning to a permanent role.

Background Vetting (relevant for employers)

We place a strong emphasis on a thorough reference process, ensuring that candidates are fully aware that any offer is contingent upon the satisfactory completion of these references. If requested, we have the capability to conduct comprehensive background checks on all our employees and contractors, using a trusted third-party provider. The level of screening can be tailored to meet specific requirements.

Our background checks encompass the following areas:

  • CV Verification
  • Credit Check
  • Criminal Record Check
  • Address History Verification
  • Employment History Verification
  • Educational History Verification
  • Validation of Professional Qualifications

Commitment to SLA’s

When you partner with Design Build Search for any contractor role you will receive a dedicated Account Manager. Your assigned Account Manager will be responsible for continuously evaluating performance and service quality. We work closely with our customers to meet their set SLA’s across all areas and conduct regular meetings to review Scorecards.

These SLAs vary from business to business will typically cover key performance areas such as: Efficiency / Compliance / Quality / Financial Management / Retention / Rate Competitiveness.

Rapid Delivery

Our Consultants, each an expert in their respective fields, have cultivated extensive and relevant networks across various industries and functions. This strategic approach has enabled us to assemble a robust pool of well-qualified temporary candidates, ensuring a prompt and efficient delivery for all temporary and contractor needs.

How do my contractors get paid?

We provide a specialised payroll service, ensuring that your contractors receive timely payments. The payment frequency for contractors is either monthly or weekly, depending on the hiring company’s policies. In the case of contractors working on fixed-term contracts, many organisations opt for a monthly pro-rata salary payment.

Salary survey 2023 - Download Design Build Search survey

Download our Construction Industry Salary Guide for Ireland in 2023 to check where your salary stands or figure out the competitive pay rates your business should offer to attract top construction talent.

Bespoke Solutions

Permanent Recruitment

If you have specific construction recruitment needs, want to establish an entire department, or are in search of a high-level C-suite construction leader, we possess the expertise, experience and network to make it happen.

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Contract Recruitment

At Design Build Search we've got all your construction contractor needs covered, from short-term projects lasting just a few weeks to extended, long-term contracts. Whatever you're looking for, we're here to help you find and oversee the perfect addition to your team.

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Executive Search

We've got the experience to manage full executive search projects. We can work with your company on a retained basis or assist with tasks like market research, shortlisting, and competency-based interviews when needed.

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We’re not the ones saying it!

Design Build Search presented themselves as incredibly helpful and proactive in the recruitment, and interview process. The advise given was very supportive. They very much takes into account the role and opportunities you are seeking, and are diligent in their selection of career options that best suit you. Very personable and friendly, I would highly recommend.

Senior Engineer

Diversity and Inclusion in construction recruitment

At Design Build Search and the wider Vertical Markets Group we have worked hard to ensure that DE&I is built into the fabric of our business. We are hugely proud to have been awarded silver investors in diversity by the Irish Centre for Diversity.